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Most Wanted Dash Cams in 2015

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Dash cameras are a great choice for a variety of different reasons if you’re concerned about recording what happens while you drive. Here are some examples of dash cams and other products related to a black box in cars.

BlackVue DR600GW-HD

BlackVue DR600GW-HD

This dash cam comes with a number of benefits including free video guides, free installation kit, and even free shipping anywhere in the United States. The product has built-in WiFi and an app that comes with it. You can use this combination to upload you files and back them up after you’re finished driving.

The product also supports a wide, 135-degree angle to make sure you can see everything in front of the car. It’s easy to use with LED lights for indicating various camera states. Additionally, it supports up to 128GB for its microSD card so you have plenty of space to fit all of your dash videos.


Mini 0806 Dash Cam

Some people are worried about whether they’ll be able to fit their dashcam. Best dashcam products will be able to fit into just about any space while still maintaining a high quality of video. This mini dash camera offers Super HD recording with 30 frames per second. It has a 1.5 inch LCD screen that makes it so that you can check recordings in real-time and ensure that the device is pointed where you want and that it’s functioning smoothly. The camera even has a G sensor built-in to make it so that the camera only activates during certain events. This way you can save the storage capacity for when you’re recording more than just uneventful driving. The capacity on the camera goes up to 128Gb even though the camera is small, which gives you a full 24 hours of footage if you go with an SD card at that size.


Fine Vu CR-2000G

This dash cam shoots at the standard Full HD quality at 1080p and 30 frames per second. This works both for the channels at both the front and the rear. The camera has a 2.4MP sensor and the A7 processor. You can view footage right from the 3.5 inch LCD screen, which is actually a touchscreen as well. The camera has a GPS sensor built right into it so that you’ll always know exactly where you were when the footage was taken. It comes with a lane departure warning feature as well, so it can even help you to avoid potential accidents that way if you get tired and start drifting out of your lane while driving. You’ll have plenty of room to see everything too since the angle of the lens is 136 degrees.


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