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Gathering Data From Customers For Your Business Using Mobile Reporting

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September 29, 2016(Thursday)

There are quite a few Canadian businesses that have had success pioneering new ways to use mobile applications that utilize features like the mobile forms to gather information from customers. And although it isn’t always easy to divine how customers will respond to information requests, most options available are convenient enough that customers do actually provide real information and opinions.

How Shopping Malls Can Benefit From Indoor Positioning Technology

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July 7, 2016(Thursday)

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Successfully navigating larger retail environments can be quite the challenge, especially for those who possess a poor sense of direction or who may have trouble using indoor maps. An indoor positioning system that utilizes the GPS feature found on many smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices provides an ideal solution. Systems that provide GPS for indoors ensure that navigating even the largest and most complex shopping malls can be done with greater ease and success. Digital resources that provide superior indoor navigation offer a level of ease, convenience and assistance that conventional maps are unable to rival.

Most Wanted Dash Cams in 2015

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August 19, 2015(Wednesday)


Dash cameras are a great choice for a variety of different reasons if you’re concerned about recording what happens while you drive. Here are some examples of dash cams and other products related to a black box in cars.

BlackVue DR600GW-HD

This dashcam comes with a number of benefits including free video guides, free installation kit, and even free shipping anywhere in the United States. The product has built-in WiFi and an app that comes with it. You can use this combination to upload you files and back them up after you’re finished driving.

The product also supports a wide, 135-degree angle to make sure you can see everything in front of the car. It’s easy to use with LED lights for indicating various camera states. Additionally, it supports up to 128GB for its microSD card so you have plenty of space to fit all of your dash videos.