Product Roadmaps

You may love Agile for its flexibility and fluid requirements processes. Still, Agile has its exhibits that document your project’s path to success — Agile, after all, requires more documentation and holds the team more accountable than other methodologies do. One piece of documentation, though, gets overlooked more than others because it echoes that Waterfall feel: the product roadmap.

What an Agile Product Roadmap Is

In case you haven’t heard of it, a product roadmap is an extremely high-level view of your product’s path. It outlines basic steps and delivery deadlines to help everyone on the team stay focused on when certain steps need to happen for the project to succeed.

In Waterfall, the project manager develops this high-level outline and typically morphs it into a detailed, start-to-finish project plan. An Agile roadmap, on the other hand, comes from the product owner (with input from developers, of course). It’s a flexible timeline that builds automatic categories for the backlog and filters out requirements that don’t lead to the project’s overall success. Use it as a buy-in tool that helps your team get the budget and resources it needs and something to point to when executives say they want a new feature that doesn’t tie into the project’s goals.

High tech drone

Some say the modern drone industry actually started about 30 years ago with the rise in popularity of model rocketry. Although the Internet wasn’t there as a place to publish the photographs, it didn’t stop hobbyists from taking their cameras and a wide variety of scientific equipment up above the clouds where experiments could be performed and stunning aerial photos taken.

Now, the ability for drones to not only operate at considerable range from the pilot, but also to communicate with real time visuals and telemetry has opened up an enormous potential industry for both hobbyists and professionals and reinvigorated the personal aircraft business.

Aircraft Fleet

At the highest level, aircraft maintenance software provides a means of tracking the maintenance and repair of aircraft while ensuring optimal use of available personnel. People and planes, however, are not the only resource that companies must manage with precision. There are also both direct and indirect materials, and misuse of these supplies can cause overconsumption by as much as 40 percent.

Inventory Management

In this context, direct materials are the products directly used to repair and maintain aircraft: consumable items, such as air filters, and durables that fail due to wear and tear, such as rotors. Indirect materials are accessories needed to complete the work, including abrasives, adhesives and gloves. If we assert for sake of example that optimal usage of direct and indirect materials for a company is $1 billion dollars annually, then waste can be as high as $400 million.

That waste figure is from overconsumption alone. The actual cost can be much higher after factoring in other inefficiencies, such as the period between a mechanic identifying the need for a material and possessing it. Therefore, an inventory management system is an integral component of any aircraft maintenance software. The primary challenges to overcome include accountability, inventory availability and workflow efficiency, and barcode scanning is yielding excellent results in these arenas.

BlackVue DR600GW-HD

Dash cameras are a great choice for a variety of different reasons if you’re concerned about recording what happens while you drive. Here are some examples of dash cams and other products related to a black box in cars.

BlackVue DR600GW-HD

This dashcam comes with a number of benefits including free video guides, free installation kit, and even free shipping anywhere in the United States. The product has built-in WiFi and an app that comes with it. You can use this combination to upload you files and back them up after you’re finished driving.

The product also supports a wide, 135-degree angle to make sure you can see everything in front of the car. It’s easy to use with LED lights for indicating various camera states. Additionally, it supports up to 128GB for its microSD card so you have plenty of space to fit all of your dash videos.


¿A quién no le gustan los paquetes de consola + juegos u ofertas de ese tipo? Son opciones para que como usuarios, podamos comprar 2 cosas por un precio menor o también para que las empresas puedan vender más productos con dichas promociones y, al parecer Sony prepara un bundle en donde encontraríamos un PS3 […]


Sabemos que el Xbox te permite navegar en Internet, ergo se puede ver algunos contenidos que se encuentran en la web, incluyendo aquellos para adultos.  Resulta que la gente de YouPorn está tomando ventaja del hecho de que la Xbox 360 pronto tendrá Internet Explorer y han remodelado su servicio, incluso han jugado con una imagen del […]


Ha llegado a nuestro país Club Digital, un sitio diseñado para fomentar el uso de las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación (TIC) entre los jóvenes, ya que ofrece soluciones de capacitación en línea que permitan a este sector juvenil desarrollar habilidades relacionadas con el manejo de las TIC y emprendimiento. Para ser parte de […]


Con los nuevos iDevices que fueron anunciados el 12 de septiembre, Apple deja aun lado los cables de 30 pines que conocemos desde que llegaron los iPods hace ya algunos años, ahora los cables oficiales serán llamados Lightning, los cuales incorporan un microchip que hace difícil la tarea de recrearlos. Pero Apple, además de incorporar […]


Uno de los que faltaba por lanzar su tablet para unirse al ejército de dispositivos con Windows 8 era HP, que llevaba largo tiempo coqueteando con la idea. Ahora finalmente da a conocer su dispositivo que va orientado al segmento profesional. La tablet en cuestión se llama ElitePad 900, llega con una pantalla Gorilla Glass segunda […]


Para quienes estaban esperando ya la última versión de Slackware 14 la buena noticia es que ya ha sido liberada la versión final y se encuentra lista para su descarga. Esta es una de las distribuciones de Linux más antiguas que aun sigue sacando actualizaciones, con el objetivo de ajustarse a las nuevas tecnologías pero manteniéndose fiel a […]