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Modern Trends in Enterprise Content Management

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The impact of technology in the business world is second to none. However, it comes with both the good and the bad. While the negative impacts are out ridden by the benefits by far, overlooking them can result to a great disaster. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing the business world is an upsurge of unorganized data and more than ever before, there is the need to integrate enterprise content management in the business system.

Every day, there is a trickling in of an insurmountable amount of information. They come in different forms including emails, video, audio, images, web contents and various documents. It is, therefore, often a hard task to find the right information at the right time and using it for maximum benefit of the business. This calls for not only the use of ECM but also the latest trends that would counter the emerging challenges.Integration of Content into the Business Operations

No matter its size, the success of a business is determined, at the end, by how well its different sectors work together to achieve a collective goal. Your enterprise content management system should easily integrate with other departments including Human Resource Management, Enterprise Resource Planning as well as any customer communication management platform. Therefore, users can easily access any information they may need for quick decision-making and more productivity in business.

Enabling Remote Access

Technological advancements have given many people the power to work from anywhere, any time. Therefore, the enterprise content management system should enable users to work not only from the comfort and safety of their homes but also from remote locations far away from the main location of the business. This means that it should allow for a well-designed mobile app for use with smartphones and tablets so that nothing is interrupted even when there is no connection to the establishment’s network.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

Some information is too sensitive to be put up for every eye. Sometimes, it is necessary to limit access to information to only the concerned department. Some of the best standards for records security include the Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 standard. Adopting them enables the different departments that make up the business to manage access to information independently. For instance, sensitive information about the business’ finances is confined to the finance department while HR department keeps its own secrets in regard to its operations.


Running a business without an enterprise content management is simply courting disaster. Nevertheless, adopting an ECM system is not enough; it should not only be well thought-out but also enable easy implementation while offering the most modern solutions for handling the tremendous inflow of information. To begin with, identify the business processes that urgently need ECM and gradually include others after achievement of success.

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