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Top 5 Must Have Features for Real Estate CRM

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Real estate agents use client referrals for new sales opportunities, which is an important reason for emphasizing real estate CRM. The information in the customer base can be used by a real estate agent to capture new leads, organize tasks, manage an email marketing campaign, personalize text messages and to organize a list for alerts for new listings. The emphasis on CRM is crucial because real estate agents do not have an inventory of merchandise and must rely on the buyers and the sellers for new business opportunities.

1. Lead Capture

The process for finding new leads can be difficult if a salesperson does not have a customer base for referrals. With the information in a customer base, a real estate agent can send out email messages such as newsletters about trends in the real estate markets. Those messages are similar to a marketing campaign that is used for regular contact with clients. The messages could also contain information about mortgage loans, new recipes, cardio exercises or home improvements.

2. Task Management

After the procedures for real estate contact management have been developed, the individual tasks can be organized into a practical sequence. A simple process can be used to politely contact clients after a deal has been closed. There could be requests for suggestions, such as with a survey, or inquiries about any problems that had been concealed such as leaking water pipes.

3. E-mail Marketing

The topics of the email messages from a client and also to a client should be organized into a list that can be used to predict the nature of the future interactions with that client. Some clients may want to receive regular email messages from a real estate agent, which would help that agent to expand the customer base with more referrals. Relatives, social contacts and business associates could become new clients.

4. Personalized Text Messaging

Some clients may want to receive text messages, which should be designed with special techniques. The personalized messages should be very short and should also contain very precise information. A client may want to find a home that has an enclosed patio or a two-car garage. The messages should be categorized according to the topics such as for new listings or for special information.

5. Automated Listing Alerts

There are several automated services that can be used for receiving special messages about new listings. The alerts are used to simplify the process for a real estate agent. The information about a new listing is sent to the phone number or the email address of a client. Real estate CRM software can be used to organize important information and also to simplify the tasks for closing a deal. Visit IXACT Contact and learn more information from the available resources.

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