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New Updated Features of Microsoft Office 2010

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Microsoft computer software has been around for over 20 years, yet the company is able to add useful capabilities to its latest product, Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft Office consists of a number of packages, the most prominent of which are MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook. While many users make use of some or most of these programs, MS Word is the most popular and used by virtually every Canadian with a computer. Anyone who needs a reliable, faster MS Office suite with great new features should buy Microsoft Office 2010.

New features across the MS Office suite
Universal ribbon
Every single Office application has the ribbon interface. Many Canadians have embraced the ribbon ever since it made its first appearance in Office 2007. It works well, has a pleasant design, can be collapsed and has that polished feel.

Backstage view
The Backstage view is a new addition to the Office suite that allows for a behind-the-scene look at a document. This feature can be accessed on the File button and allows users to customize and view document properties, check for hidden metadata and the usual Save, Open and Close features.

Protected view
Whenever an Office document is opened and fails validation, it will open as a read-only document in the Protected View version. This is an important feature since it protects the document against attacks by malicious code. However, a user can enable editing feature should they wish to edit the document.

Plenty of themes
The new Microsoft themes are now compatible across the different packages. This means that a theme used in Microsoft Word can be used in Excel, PowerPoint or even Access. This approach is useful because it allows for uniformity across the various documents. The number of themes has now increased from 20 in MS Office 2007 to 40 in MS Office 2010.

Benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Office 20101
• Using this new software product enables staff members to work more effectively as a team. This helps save on useful resources with secure document sharing features across the suite without the need to switch applications.
• MS Office 2010 comes with great new features that allow users to gain control of their emails and calendar and to stay protected. This is due to the mail tips and conversation management tools featuring in this suite. Email attachments and Internet files can be protected from malware.
• With the Office 2010 toolbar, it is easier to find anything that one needs throughout all the applications. The new Backstage view makes it easy to access all the necessary operations such as sharing, printing or saving.

The new features and benefits provide great reasons why anyone should buy Microsoft Office 2010 for their home or office use.

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