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When looking at the office suites presented by Microsoft presently, a large part of the market certainly would insist that Microsoft Office 2007 or 2003 should be the premier products to possess. Perhaps, it is because both of these programs offer so much regarding tools, applications, features, and other things which make office life simpler for the ordinary professional. Interestingly, when you contrast Microsoft Office 2003 with 2007, you get an entirely different picture.

In case you are among the many individuals with Microsoft Office 2003, then you will certainly want to buy Microsoft Office 2007 edition. The 2003 edition has been quite the breakthrough in processing Excel sheets, Word files, and also the entire shebang. However, the 2007 version is still better. When trying the 2007 version, you will realize that the 2003 edition is not the best version Microsoft has ever produced.

The Comparison

The digital signature is among the significant improvements in the 2007 edition. It uses XMLDSig for formatting. It is quite unlike that of the 2003 edition. The location of the digital signature has been moved elsewhere in the 2007 edition from the “Tools” tab in the 2003 version. You will find it in the “File” tab, then “Finalize Document”, and then to “Signatures”. This change makes it easier to find.

Another amazing feature is the Microsoft Office ribbon. It is located in the top-left area of the screen. The ribbon replaces the usual “File” tab that you can see in Microsoft Office 2003. The ribbon does the primary function of the “File” tab like “Open”, “Send”, “Save”, “Print”, “Save As”, and more. It is one interesting feature for most 2007 users.

There is also the tabbed menu feature which makes the application quite user-friendly. You recall the numerous drop-down menus that are in Microsoft Office 2003? They are now not found in the 2007 edition since you will find tabbed menus everywhere. When you click on the tabbed menus, the sub-menus are shown right below. The tabbed menus also have the hovering effect function.

When you want to change font colors while utilizing the Microsoft Word processor, you will simply highlight the particular word then hover over the tab. When you hover the mouse over the particular tab, a preview of the feature is given to offer you a clear description of what’s likely to occur when the changes are applied. This is a very desirable feature!



These are merely some of the exciting features you will find if you compare Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003. You will also get numerous engaging features by yourself. Buy Microsoft 2007 to enjoy the amazing features.

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