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IP Address Management Software: Managing Your Digital Assets

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Network administrators charged with the management of IP addresses have long faced challenges. In most settings, spreadsheets and manual logs can’t keep pace with the increasing number of devices accessing network resources. A variety of homebrew tools has popped up in some organizations as part of the attempt to meet the demands of the enterprise. Despite the noblest efforts, the task of address management continues to frustrate even the best IT staffers. A new breed of IP address management software now available promises to make IP management a cinch.

Efficiently managing IP addresses ensures that every needed device can connect to required resources so that people can do their job. IP management processes work together with DNS and DHCP services to eliminate conflicts and optimize the use of limited IT resources.

Understanding IP Address Management

The task of managing the IP addresses used within an organization requires planning. Estimations of the number of required resources can speed the allocation process. Administrators must monitor the use of addresses and the available address inventory in real time to avoid uncomfortable outage situations.

Eliminating Human Error

Companies must have high-performance DNS and DHCP services to accommodate the wave of new devices demanding resources as part of new BYOD initiatives. The process of address management becomes increasingly complicated as a result of errors introduced by multiple human inputs. Such errors begin small and eventually cascade into major problems. Ultimately, human errors in IP address management waste the time of administrators as well as that of the employees who become victims of duplicate addresses.

Providing Real Time Data

IP address management software can supply the real-time information administrators need to diagnose problems in their address space quickly. In the past, teams relying on spreadsheets manually updated spreadsheets. With multiple collaborators updating the same document, audit trails became nonexistent, complicating the job of determining the status of a given address. The use of management software paves the way for multiple administrators to work together efficiently as they input data and check configurations.

Managing DHCP and DNS Services

Traditional IP address management failed to meet the need for integration with DNS and DHCP administration. Software solutions now on the market, however, can reign in the decentralized IP management services that inevitably result from the use of independent servers at branch offices. As a result, administrators can manage and troubleshoot diverse server configurations from a single software environment.

IP address management software gives network administrators the ability to manage large IP address pools and simplify the management of associated DNS and DHCP servers from multiple vendors in a central location. The software facilitates the documentation of networks and provides needed troubleshooting tools for resolving IP address issues while reporting on address and resource utilization histories.

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